Chill Out Gazpacho Soup

Want to chill out with a cool summer soup? Try gazpacho! Packed with tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers, it’s a great way to add more veggies to your diet. Served cold, not only is it the perfect soup to eat during hot weather; it’s also the perfect soup to make when the outdoor temperature rises. You don’t even need to turn on the stove!
Makes 6 servings

2 lbs. ripe tomatoes
2 medium zucchini
2 large cucumbers, unpeeled (English or hothouse)
1 small purple onion
4 cloves garlic, peeled
1 large red bell pepper
1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 cup vegetable juice
A dash of salt
A dash of pepper

1. Using a food processor, finely chop all produce (it may need to be done in several batches). Place in a large ceramic or glass bowl.
2. Add the vegetable juice and balsamic vinegar. Then add salt and pepper.
3. Chill for a minimum of 1 hour. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: ½ cup

Calories – 85
Fat – 0.5 g
Saturated Fat – 0.1 g
Cholesterol – 0 mg
Sodium – 110 mg
Carbohydrates – 19 g
Fiber – 4 g
Sugar – 11 g
Protein – 4 g
Potassium – 880 mg

Photo: Christina's Cucina