Skipping Breakfast Will Cause Serious Blood Sugar Spikes, Says Study

Tel Aviv University published a study that is bad news for those who like to skip breakfast in the morning. As it turns out, the study argues, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

The Study

Fasting in the morning can trigger dangerous blood sugar spikes, according to researchers.

Making matters worse, it can also impair the body's response to insulin for the rest of the day. At lunch or at dinner, even if you stick to your diet plan or go low-carb, it won't counter-act the body's response from a missed breakfast. Pancreatic cells can have 'memory loss'-- they literally forget they're supposed to regulate insulin if they go too long without doing it. It can take a full day for your cells to get the reminder.

In the meantime, your blood sugar can rise to dangerous levels that over time may cause damage and serious complications.

Researchers Say

"We theorized that the omission of breakfast would not be healthy, but it was surprising to see such a high degree of deterioration of glucose metabolism only because the participants did not eat breakfast," Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz says.

Jakubowicz, of the Wolfson Medical Center's Diabetes Unit, warns type 2 diabetics to eat in the morning. "In light of our study, we highly recommend that type-2 diabetics not skip breakfast, because it causes major damage to the beta cell function and leads to high sugar levels, even if they don’t overeat at lunch and dinner," she says.

Photo: Healthy Eating