Planning a Birthday Party for a Diabetic Child

Just because your child has diabetes doesn't mean she can't have a normal childhood. Birthday parties don’t have to mean over-indulgence. Your child’s day can be special, and healthy! Just plan carefully.

Healthy Party Options

Put out plenty of snacks that are okay for your child to eat. Some snacks might include light popcorn, baked tortilla chips or a big, colorful fruit salad.

Serve healthy foods like baked chicken fingers, veggie nuggets, carrot and cucumber sticks or lettuce wraps.

Make party punch with diet lemon-lime soda and a splash of fruit juice, or serve sugar-free drinks like Crystal Lite.

Get low-calorie, low-carb cupcakes—single serving size!

Don’t Focus on Food

Plan a party with plenty of activities. This keeps the focus from being on food, while it gives kids a chance to run around and burn off what they do eat.

Outdoors is ideal—host some games like touch football, relay races or scavenger hunts. If you must have a party indoors, try games suited for smaller spaces like Simon says—or just put on music and lead them into a dance.

With careful planning, your guests will never even realize how healthy your party actually is!

Photo: Check List Mommy, Cooking and Kicking

Healthy finger foods like fruit kebabs are great options for your child's party.